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Wood installed December 2008 Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular ways to beautify the rooms you live in. And realtors will often tell you that wood floors are one of the quickest ways to add value to your home.

We specialize in quality products that are prefinished at the mill, which means you'll never have to wax or reseal the floor. Real wood grain, protected by up to seven coats of aluminum oxide and urethane, can add style and character to any room.

Find your favorite look in our wide selection of oak, maple, hickory, walnut, cherry and many exotic species. Take a look at modern hardwood plank features such as handsculpted, distressed products with edges that are beveled, chiseled or pillowed.

Solid vs Engineered

We carry the best hardwood flooring products in the industry. The two main types of real wood floors are solid and engineered (not to be confused with laminate flooring). With the humid climate in Texas, most of our clients prefer the structural and dimensional strength of engineered planks, which are superior at withstanding the natural changes that occur in wood between seasons.

Having said that, we also carry a selective line of ¾-inch solid wood planks that can be nailed or stapled to screeds or a plywood subfloor, or floated on a moisture barrier underlayment over a concrete slab.


Wood installed May 2010 Some of the most important aspects of a professionally installed floor will never be seen at the end of the project.

We first carefully remove the existing floor, whether carpet, tile, vinyl or old wood. We scrape and clean the floor to remove old glue and paint to ensure proper adhesion of the setting materials.

The next step is to make sure the floor is as flat as possible. Most concrete slabs are uneven and need to be treated with a special patching material called float. The amount required entirely depends on the condition of the slab and cannot be determined until the existing floor has been removed. With the help of tools designed to apply the float material, our installers fill in the low areas to flatten the subfloor so that it's ready to support a hard surface product. Taking the time to properly prepare the slab will provide protection from possible bowing and cracking of your wood floor investment.

Quality woods deserve superior adhesives and we don't skimp on the materials you don't see. You have better things to do than worry about what your floors will look like years from now.


Modern wood floors do not require much maintenance. As far as cleaning goes, you'll want to use a gentle cleaning spray and a dry cleaning mop such as the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. We stock a select line of Bona professional cleaning products available in our showroom.

The aluminum oxide finish will resist most light scratching and wear, but keep in mind that wood is a natural product that is vulnerable to denting and gouging. It's always best to reduce pressure points by using ceramic casters for pianos and similar pieces of furniture, as well as avoiding high-heels as they press marks into any species. When you need to move furniture, it's best to lay a piece of wood or a hardboard runway to protect the floor from accidental gouges.

If you do find yourself with a deep enough scrape that needs attention, there are several options. Wood pens or brown permanent markers may be able to solve thin gouges. Larger cuts can usually be repaired and camouflaged by wood repair kits that apply custom filler epoxy melted into the damaged area. If any number of planks are significantly damaged, the best answer may be to have the boards carefully removed and replaced with spare material.

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